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Waterproof jackets: How we test waterproof jackets

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We recommend you combine the results of our waterproof jackets reviews with a visit to an outdoor retailer. Trying on a waterproof jacket is the best way to achieve the best fitting jacket and to see how features such as pockets and zips suit your body shape.

The breathability test

We test the waterproof jackets to see how much water vapour can pass through the fabric. A higher rating means less build-up of condensation inside the jacket. Even some of the best jackets can experience breathability issues in extreme rain over a longer walking period.

The Rain Room test

The jackets are put on a mannequin and subjected to two hours of drizzle and downpours. †This shows us how well the jacket is designed to keep out water and allows us to see if or where any water has been able to enter the jacket.

The overall durability test

We use specialist equipment to test the strength of the fabric and to see how resistant it is to abrasion.

Our expert assessment

Our team of expert walkers put each jacket through 100 hours of real-life walking, covering over 2,800 miles to ensure they jackets are up to scratch. †The walking experts assess the jacketís features in the field, including the quality of seams, pockets, hood size, hood adjustment, cuff adjustment, hem adjustment and zips. †

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